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Please Note:  Linde would like some help from those of you who have been abused for her next book.  If you would like to help, please answer ths questions that are posted HERE and send your answers to Linde.

As you already know, Linde is a friend of Kathleen, who had a broken foot in the spring of 2006 and did NOT do her share of the driving to Saratoga Springs.  But she is interesting for other reasons as well.  She works very hard in a volunteer capacity to help prevent child abuse. 

 Spirit believes that those folks who mistreated her as apuppy MUST have been abused as children.  She also likes the way that Linde knows how to pet dogs in that perfect spot - so she is in full agreement with featuring Linde on our website.  (There ARE times whan I am not sure who is in charge here . . . )   This is what Linde sent us about herself:

Linde Grace White holds an M.Ed. in guidance and counseling from Xavier University.  For over twenty years, she taught seriously emotionally disturbed and behavior disordered children in a public school program.  She is the mother of three adult children and has two grandsons.  She works  part time as a church secretary, and also works for VOICES in Action, Inc. and Prevent Child Abuse Ohio as volunteer.  She is available for speaking engagements and workshops, has appeared on several radio talk shows, and has the goal of doing everything possible to present and stop child abuse.
Spirit chose an article by Linde to be the first SPIRIT'S CHOICE installment.  To read it, click here.

From the back of her book:

Linda is not quite two years old, but she has to decide: live or die?  Like all choices, that one set in motion a myriad of other choices.  When she chooses to live, she also chooses to become a dollbaby --Daddy's toy--and to accept her status as an object.  For all she knows, this is the way it is with all little girls.  Children exist to entertain their parents, provide them with sexual gratification, and, otherwise, stay out of the way.
What an amazing discovery, years later, to find out that she is a real person, fully entitled to her own identity--whatever that is.  She sets out to find that person, to reconstruct her fractured life.  There are four splintered, dissociated versions of Linda.  She eventually puts them all together in Linde Grace.
This is a true story of pain, hope and triumph, of a brave and determined little girl's victory over self-annihilating sexual abuse.

"Dollbaby brings you inside the head of a survivor of sexual abuse and allows you to see the world--her alters and healing journey--thought her eyes.  This inspiring true story is informative, gripping, hopeful, and compellingly honest."    Judy Little, Past President, VOICES in Action, Inc.
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 We've given Linde another whole page from which to do her volunteer work.  If you wish to contact her, we will forward your message to Linde.
Here are some statistics and information that Linde wants us to know:
Linde continues:
If you think you are not affected by childhood sexual abuse, consider this:  A study by Suzette Fromm, funded by The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation in 2001 provides the "Total Estimated Cost of Child Abuse and Neglect in the United States" which, by very conservative estimate,  comes out to $94 billion (no typo) per year.  I got this information from 2001 Prevent Child Abuse America. Go to their website if you want details.    You are paying good money for child abuse, even if you don't have a child, were never abused, and don't know anybody except your cat. 
Dollbaby: Triumph Over Childhood Sexual Abuse by Linde Grace White, Cedar House Publishers, 2005, 214 pp., paper back.  $12                  BUY
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