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Finding Yourself Dancing into Joy:
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Dancing Into Joy


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Reviews and Testimonials for Dancing Into Joy

Dancing Into Joy by M. Kathleen ChesnutWould you like to share your feedback for Dancing Into Joy? Contact us with your review!

From Bowker's Bookwire Review:

 "...Chesnut's work radiates joy and compassion.  It takes a strong will to live with joy, to decide each day that you will find the good in your circumstances and in the people you meet . . . Read entire review

"Dancing into Joy is an invitation to join Rev. Kathleen Chesnut on a sacred journey of life. A journey that begins in the depths of pain and fright and meanders its way to the mountaintop of greatest joy. Rev. Chesnut holds before us a faith filled life, asking us to join with her in the experience of its pain, the exploration of its strength, the reception of its hope and the dance in its light. I found this sacred journey to be a source of inspiration as I shared with her the experience of the God that embraced her."

Rev. Dr. Wade Schemmel,
Northern Plains Conference of the United Church of Christ

"Kathleen Chesnut's gift to us is her deep love of god and her willingness to share that love with us. Her spiritual journey takes us thru her childhood pain and trauma and brings the light ofGod to these deep pains. It gives one hope and courage in our own lives and brings us closer to theDivine.It istruly a balance between light and dark. An uplifting and delightful book."

Martha Piesco Hoff,
Medical Intuitive and Healer,
graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing

"Dancing into Joy offers a taste of resurrection - a liberation from the graveclothes of its author's victimized childhood, from the frozen loneliness of distrust, from a politcial and economic system that destroys community, from the ashes of 9/11. And it offers a taste of resurection into the joyful love of God that continually increases the more we give it away. In a medley of memoir, meditation, poetry, letter, fiction, sermon, mythology and essay, Kathleen Chesnut gives her readers a chance to join in a communal, spiraling Easter dance."

Virginia Ramey Mollenkott, Ph.D.,
Author of Omnigender: A Trans-religious Approach

"This heartfelt book is the story of God's gifts of love and joy and the human journey from darkness into light. Through prose, poetry and a combination of both Kathleen a United Church of Christ minister, expresses her life experiences. Through her Inner five year old she connects to her personal, inner knowing and learns her lessons of healing. The story of faith has long been a church principle, and Kathleen weaves her own magic from the past into the present, making this a story of joy for all times."

Shamai Currim PhD

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