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Finding Yourself Dancing into Joy:
a Workbook

Dancing Into Joy


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Finding Yourself Dancing into Joy: a Workbook
by the Rev. Lori Keller Schroeder

Publishing date December 4, 2006.  Available for pre-ordering.  104 pages.

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"Finding Yourself Dancing into Joy is the prefect companion to Dancing into Joy.  Kathleen Chesnut and Lori Keller Schroeder have found the creative format to communicate the lessons of Rev. Chesnut's experiences to an adolescent and adult audience.  Not everyone who has lived the Passion and Resurrection in her life can teach her learned wisdom to others to facilitate their healing.  This workbook has accomplished that important transition.  It is a very usable and useful tool for therapy groups or retreats for individuals who have survived hard times in their lives and want to thrive.  Indeed, those who complete the interactive programs in this workbook will literally dance into joy."
                    Mary Ann Brauhn, MS, LPCC,
                    Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Holistic Practitioner
                    Dickinson, ND

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