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Finding Yourself Dancing into Joy:
a Workbook

Dancing Into Joy


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Dancing Into Joy

A spiraling Easter dance
by M. Kathleen Chesnut

192 pages, press-bound trade paperback. Published in 2006. Copyright  by DewSpirit Publishing.

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An excerpt from Dancing Into Joy:


When I was thirty-one, I came out of a depression that I had been in since I was five. The very air seemed different; the world expanded and became more intimate at the same time. Life felt new, was new. Then I grew depressed again as I mourned all that had been absent from my life. But I decided I would experience life as fully as God intended, no matter how much pain, how much unraveling was necessary to be able to do that. A year later I wrote the following poem... (click here to read more from Dancing Into Joy)

Come and dance to a light-filled vision of life!

"Dancing into Joy . . . In a medley of memoir, meditation, poetry, letter, fiction, sermon, mythology and essay, Kathleen Chesnut gives her readers a chance to join in a communal, spiraling Easter dance."

Virginia Ramey Mollenkott, Ph.D.,
Author of Omnigender: A Trans-religious Approach

"Dancing into Joy is an invitation to join Rev. Kathleen Chesnut on a sacred journey of life. A journey that begins in the depths of pain and fright and meanders its way to the mountaintop of greatest joy."

Rev. Dr. Wade Schemmel,
Northern Plains Conference of the United Church of Christ

"Kathleen Chesnut's gift to us is her deep love of God and her willingness to share that love with us. . . It gives one hope and courage in our own lives and brings us closer to the Divine."

Martha Piesco Hoff,
Medical Intuitive and Healer,
graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing

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Book Credits:
calligraphy and logo by Peg Schemmell of Peg's Studio, Bismark, ND
cover watercolor by Grace Privratsky of Dickinson, ND
cover design by Hurtdidit, LLC

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