Rainbows and Tears

A mist covered gray day
surrounds my life and dreams.
A smoke-filled, jet black night
enfolds my hopes and my soul.
I see my life
but black and gray
charred, once-living trees
fencing all without.

What hope do I of else?
A question asked, a question burned,
a question torturing thought.
I close my eyes and hope of more
I trust and love
I dream and hope.

A touch of love
unnoticed first
yet felled the darkened walls.

The black comes light
Filled blue, filled green, filled red.
The gray comes life
filled green, orange, yellow bright.

Love enfolds all with growth as
the day bursts forth and colors fill
the eyes of those around.
The night lacks fear now brings
peace, souls find joy
encased in a stream of love.

The pain still grabs
but loses hold.
The ash but accents
a rainbow stream
flowing through
within, without, all around.

I open my eyes
still pain, still ash
but yet now joy
from deep inside myself.

A light bright enfolds my world
showering rainbows throughout
bought through His sacrifice
and the courage of my tears.

copyright 2006 M. Kathleen Chesnut

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